Course curriculum

  • 1
    How Content Marketing School Will Make You 4 figures in 7 days
    • Welcome To Content Marketing School
  • 2
    Why Content Marketing? (Skills Needed)
    • What is Content Marketing?
    • Benefits of Content Marketing
    • Why Google loves fresh and Quality Content
    • Content Marketing Case Studies
  • 3
    How To Audit a Website
    • Questions To Ask A Client
    • Questions To Ask A Client (Download)
    • Tools Needed For A Website Audit
    • Digging Deeper Into Questions (Putting Them To Work)
    • Audit The Industry
    • Audit Section Quiz
  • 4
    Content Marketing Strategy
    • Post-Audit, Where To Start?
    • Content Marketing Best Practices
    • Developing KPI's To Track
    • Creating KPI's Together
    • Incomplete Strategy..?
    • Strategy Section Quiz
  • 5
    Audience Intelligence (Building Buyer Personas)
    • Why Buyer Personas Are Important
    • Questions To Guide Business Owners To Find Ideal Customers
    • Questions Guide A Client in Finding Ideal Customer (Download)
    • What is Your Audience Searching For?
    • Where Does Your Audience Hangout?
    • Building Our Buyer Persona (Together)
    • Audience Intelligence Section Quiz
  • 6
    Competitor Research
    • Identifying Competitors
    • What is Our Competition's Focus?
    • Content Gaps (That the Competition is Missing)
    • Carving Out A Niche In The Industry
    • Being Able To Audit Any Industry
    • Competitor Research Section Quiz
  • 7
    Becoming a Content Marketing Practitioner (Most Important Section)
    • Becoming A Practitioner
    • Day in the Life of a Content Marketer
    • Content Calendar (LET'S GO!!!)
    • Trango's Content Calendar (Under Construction)
    • Diving Deep into the Content Calendar
    • Creating Outlines
    • SERP Research
    • Content Creation
    • Working With a Team or Client Effectively
    • Practitioner Section Quiz
  • 8
    • Getting Ready to Start Content Marketing Campaign
    • Youtube and Blogs (All You Need!)
    • Repurposing Content
    • Distribution Section Quiz
  • 9
    Measuring Success / Refining and Improving
    • What We'll Cover / Checking in On KPI's
    • How are our KPI's Lookin?
  • 10
    Building a Project, Finding Work, Getting PAID
    • Bonus Section [Make Money!!!]
    • Prospecting
    • How to Write Cold Emails or Cold Phone Calls
    • Giving You My Email Template
    • Cold Email Template (Download)
    • Getting Your Own Case Studies
    • How To Craft a Content Marketer's Resume
    • Freelancing as a Content Marketer (Live Job App Submission)
    • Welcome to the Content Marketing Community